Red Hill Cottage Transformation

Red Hill Cottage street front

Nestled into the greenery of a quiet Red Hill street, lies a quaint little Queensland worker’s cottage. It was screaming out for renovation and presented the owners with the opportunity to retain its heritage while including the classic elegance of American east coast influences.

The last 3 months have borne witness to that transformative process. Demolition commenced in mid-May and the subsequent months have seen the gradual structural changes leading towards its transformation. Walls have been removed, new ones erected and another level added to make way for spaces that will transform yet honour the Queensland heritage that came before.

Red Hill Cottage Transformation Stage 1

Week one and two saw the demolition of the exisiting kitchen and bathroom that had stood the test of time. Laundry walls were removed and the living space demolished, leaving the home exposed to the elements. It wasn’t long before the leaning hallway wall and existing kitchen and bedroom walls were removed, ready for the framework of new emerging bedroom and bathroom spaces.

Red Hill Cottage Transformation Stage 2

Week three and four saw framework appearing and exciting changes happening every day. Part of the side verandah was cleverly repurposed for what will be a new, luxurious ensuite in the master bedroom. New bathroom framing was erected whilst the old crooked hallway wall next to bedrooms two and three was dismantled and rebuilt. Towards the rear of the home, lifted floor boards enabled the builders to secure bracings and install new beams in place of old and tired beams readying them for the extra weight of the new upstairs extension.

Red Hill Cottage Transformation Stage 3

Week five and six saw the framework extending out and up at the rear of the home with the laundry, study and family room taking shape. Weeks seven, eight, nine and ten saw the emergence of an upstairs level. A new kitchen, dining and living space, with the feel of a treehouse, opening onto a private deck will provide a welcome addition to this beautiful family home. It will no doubt provide the family with a favourite spot to catch the summer breezes.

New roofing, air conditioning ducting, doors, windows, electrical wiring and timber cladding added to the framework have meant this little gem nestled into the hills of Red Hill is already emanating all the signs of the beauty to come. From the traditional verandah facade at the front of the property to the cosy interior and shady backyard at the rear of the property, this is a home that will stand the test of time and all the excitement and joy of family life for many years to come.


Eighteen months later we revisited this property to catch up with our clients. The family of three we worked with has grown to a family of four and they have settled beautifully into their new home. It radiates a warmth and calm that is immediately inviting. We were thrilled to see how well our design is working and that the quality of finishes looks as new today as it did when we finished up 18 months ago.


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April 30, 2018