Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a project manager for my home renovation?

Embarking on a home renovation requires commitment, time, experience and resolve. Even experienced developers and renovators turn to project managers to ensure they achieve a successful outcome and eliminate stress along the way.

Without clear communication, attention to detail and decisiveness even the smallest of projects can turn sour. A full-service project manager guarantees a hassle-free experience for your next project allowing you to focus on everything else life throws your way.

How will I save money with a project manager?

With an extensive network of tradespeople and suppliers that has been developed over many years, we have the ability to negotiate sizeable savings at all stages of the project lifecycle. Our dedicated project and attention to the smallest of details  also means mistakes are less likely, eliminating rework and therefore reducing overspend on your original budget.

In most situations, we like to tell clients that the fee you pay Project Complete will more than be made up for in materials and tradespeople savings, not to mention the time you will free up in your own day.

OK. I need a project manager! What are the steps involved in getting started?

Once you have decided you need project management assistance, we suggest meeting each client face to face (where possible) so we can work through your requirements and get a feel for your style, timing and budget. This allows us to uniquely tailor your project to YOUR needs. You won’t find a cookie cutter approach with Project Complete!

We will come back to you with a proposal which includes a schedule of services and an estimated budget and with further discussion and few tweaks where required a deed of appointment is signed by both parties so that the project can get underway.

At Project Complete we believe regular communication with our clients is absolutely critical in successful project delivery. Dependant on the size and scale of the project we suggest weekly on site meetings and of course we are available outside of that when required. We value and encourage an open communication channel with all clients at all stages of the project life cycle.

How long does a residential project typically take?

The building component of a project is  often the shortest process and takes on average between 6 and 12 months. A great deal of time before building commences is spent drawing plans, obtaining council approval and tendering for builders. Obviously the larger and more complex the project, the longer these early steps will take.

To make the most of the benefits we can provide we recommend getting in touch at the project outset. Of course if you commence a project yourself and find it overwhelming or problematic, we are happy to jump in and provide assistance at any time.

I need help with retail site selection and lease negotiation but I have my own shop fitter. Is that OK?

It is absolutely fine to engage Project Complete to execute any combination of stages of your retail project. We are always happy to discuss the scope of your retail project and where we may be able to add value.