Frequently asked Questions

Why do I need a building project manager?

Embarking on a construction project requires commitment, time, experience and resolve. Even experienced developers and renovators turn to project managers to ensure they control their budget, achieving a successful outcome and eliminating stress along the way.

Without clear communication, attention to detail and decisiveness even the smallest of projects can turn sour. A full-service project manager guarantees a hassle-free experience for your next project allowing you to focus on what you would rather be doing.

How will I save money with a building project manager?

With an extensive network of tradespeople and suppliers, an experienced project manager can negotiate sizeable savings at all stages of the project lifecycle. Dedicated project focus also means that mistakes are less likely, eliminating rework and therefore reducing cost.

Through experience, a project manager can also deliver significant savings by employing the most efficient design and construction methods for your next project.

I have decided to engage a building project manager what are the next steps?

Typically, we would meet with each client in person, applying a tailored approach to each project. We work through the client’s requirements, timing and budget to determine the best way forward.

A schedule of services and associated pricing will be proposed and once agreed upon, a deed of appointment is signed by both parties so that the project can get underway.

At Project Complete we believe regular communication with our clients is absolutely critical in successful project delivery. We value and encourage an open communication channel with all clients at all stages of the project life cycle.

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